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2018-04-09 Innolux

Innolux Corporation (3481 TT) March 2018 Consolidated Revenues of NT$22.6 Billion

Innolux Corporation (“INX”) today announced its March 2018 consolidated revenues. INX reported unaudited consolidated revenues of NT$22.6 billion in March 2018, an increase 24.9% M-o-M and a decrease of 28 % Y-o-Y. During March 2018, INX shipped 10.22 million units of large-sized products, an increase of 31.9 % M-o-M. Shipments for small-and-medium-sized products were 22.35 million units, an increase of 1.7 % M-o-M.

In the first quarter 2018, INX reported unaudited consolidated revenues of NT$ 66.8 billion, a decrease of 22.4% Y-o-Y and a decrease of 15.6% Q-o-Q respectively.  The first quarter’s large-sized shipments were 28.07 million units, a decrease of 8.1% over the 30.52 million units shipped in the previous quarter. Shipments for small-and-medium-sized were 68.57 million units, a 7% decrease over the 73.7 million units shipped in the previous quarter.

                                                                                                              (Units: NTD million) 


    Net Sales
March 2018 22,577
February 2018 18,082
M-o-M Growth +24.9%
March 2017 31,354
Y-o-Y Growth -28%
1Q 2018 66,763
1Q 2017 86,026
Y-o-Y Growth -22.4%


1. All revenue and shipment figures are unaudited, prepared by Innolux Corporation.
2. Innolux Corporation consolidated revenue includes revenues from other TFT-LCD related subsidiaries in which Innolux Corporation has 50% or more ownership. Inter-company transactions between Innolux Corporation and these companies have been already deducted to avoid double-counting.